Moonface Press is an independent publisher of British comics and graphic novels set up in 2002 by writer Andy Winter. It’s first three releases were all graphic novels featuring the part-human, part-demon character Devilchild. Aintitcool.com, SFX and Comics International were just three of the places that gave the books terrifically positive reviews.

Moonface is currently publishing a series of one-shot US format titles featuring stories from a host of different comic genres.

Writer Submissions

Moonface Press doesn't accept submissions from writers or from writer/artist teams.

Artist Submissions

If you're an aspiring comic artist interested in working with Moonface Press, here's a few things you should know

We don't have any money to pay artists for their work. Artists who contribute to our books do it for the exposure of seeing their work in a professionally-produced graphic novel or US format comic.

Send some photocopied samples of your work to the address on the 'Contact Us' page, at least two pages of which should be fully-inked sequential comic art pages

Make sure your contact details are clearly marked on everything you send.

We'll be in touch...