Hero Killers
Release date: May 2009
Format: US format. FC cover/B&W interior
Price/page count: 64 pages for £4.50

Writer: Andy Winter
Artist: Andrew Radbourne
Cover: Glenn Fabry

Britannia! Bulldog! Lionheart! Stonehenge! Moonwitch! Hellspawn! In the ’90s they were BritForce – the UK’s very own team of super-powered heroes. But driven apart by catastrophe, BritForce disbanded and haven’t seen each other in over a decade... until now.
Waiting in the wings is a threat so huge it might just be enough to throw the team back together. The Grail and his army of meta-human zealots have attacked Downing Street and are intent on making Britain the power base for their brutal religious crusade.
Will BritForce reunite to combat the threat? Or does Britain face a future crushed beneath the heel of religious oppression, presided over by a man convinced he’s the resurrection of the Messiah himself?