29 March 2007
Hero Killers, Declan Shalvey and I's one-shot comic about super-powered assassins, has been nominated for an Eagle Award. Please go and vote for the book here:


Our category is #13: Favourite Black and White Comic - British.

20 March 2007
There's a nice preview of BLOOD PSI in Steve Saunders' All The Rage column over at SBC.
You'll find it here...

4 March 2007


Here's the cover to the AccentUK Zombies anthology that Natalie Sandells and
I have a story in (Pop Zombies). If the art style looks familiar that's because
it's by Steve Bissette whose amazing work graced Alan Moore's celebrated
run on Swamp Thing. Nice, isn't it?

1 March 2007

Blood PSI cover

Blood Psi, a one-shot written by me and drawn by Keith Burns , is solicited in May's edition of Previews and will ship in July. Here's the publicity blurb...


A vampire murder mystery set in gothic London . When her best friend in the capital's close-knit vamp community is slaughtered, Ruby vows to track down the killer – but the hunt may just unearth painful memories from Ruby's human past she hoped would remain buried forever.


And here's the cover by Hero Killers artist Declan Shalvey...

22 February 2007
Here are the first three pages from mine and Natalie Sandells' "Pop Zombies" story that's going to be appearing in the "Zombies" anthology from Accent UK later in the year. The book is launching at May's Comics Expo in Bristol and also includes contributions from John Reppion & Leah Moore, David Hitchcock, Laura Howell and David Baillie, all wrapped up in a brilliantly visceral cover by former
Swamp Thing artist Steve Bissette. Find out more about the book here: www.accentukcomics.com

Click on image to view

27 January 2007
Hero Killers has been nominated for an Eagle Award for Favourite British Black And White Comicbook. Well, I say "nominated", it's on a list with 26 other titles that will eventually be narrowed down to a proper short list. To be honest, it's all a bit confusing as Phonogram and Wasteland are on the list, too, even though they they are published in America by American companies (Image and Oni respectively). Anyway, if you'd like to vote for us, here's the link to visit...

15 January 2007
I'm on Silver Bullet Comic Books' The Panel this week, talking about my five comic-related highlights of 2006. Pride Of Baghdad, Brendan McCarthy and a Grant Morrison quote are among my picks, here...


Also, the incomparable Natalie Sandells has started sending me finished art pages to letter for our short story, 'Pop Zombies'. With Nat's permission I'll post a couple up here towards the end of the month. The story is going to appear in Zombies, a graphic novel anthology to be launched at the Bristol Comics Expo in May. Find out more about the book, here... www.accentukcomics.com

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