24 December 2006
There's an interview with me (and artist Declan Shalvey) here: www.jazmaonline.com/interviews/interviews2.asp?intID=413 It mostly deals with Hero Killers, but I also talk about Shriek!, Devilchild and 'Chavengers: Disassembled', the Velocity Girl story I did for Commercial Suicide Volume 3. I also have a page on the new ComicSpace networking site - you can visit me here: www.comicspace.com/andywinter

December 13 2006
Hero Killers hits comic stores in the States today and to celebrate there's an interview with artist Declan Shalvey and I over at the Silver Bullet Comic Books website. You'll find it here...

November 15 2006
Hero Killers artist Declan Shalvey will be appearing at the Dublin City Comic Con '06 which takes place on Saturday, 25 November at the Temple Bar Music Centre in Curved Street(further details here:
www.irishcomicshop.com. Dec has a stall all to himself and he'll be selling copies of Hero Killers and some of the other comics his work has recently appeared in. I'm sure if you ask him nicely he'll sign and sketch for you too. Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch are the show's special guests so it sounds like a cracking day is in prospect. I'd love to go myself but am saving my money and energy for the Birmingham show in December. Maybe next year...
14 October 2006
Hero Killers will hit comic stores on 29 November (USA) and 30 November (UK) respectively. I was really pleased with the order numbers from Diamond (comfortably over that all-important 500 threshold) and am now really looking forward to working with them on future projects. The timing of the book's release couldn't be better as it falls just before Dec and I's appearance at the Birmingham International Comics Show over the 9-10 December weekend. You'll find more details about the show here: http://www.thecomicsshow.co.uk Pop along to the Moonface Press table for a chat and, if you're lucky, Dec might even be on hand to do you a sketch.

22 September 2006
There's a positive review of Hero Killers in Steven Grant's Permanent Damage column over at CBR this week. It isn't completely uncritical but he clearly likes Dec's artwork and concludes that the book's "worth checking out". Grant's never said anything remotely nice about my work in the past so his encouraging words have been particularly welcome. Here's the link...

11th September 2006
There's a highly complimentary review of Blood Psi up at the Silver Bullet Comic Books website. Written by Reggie Rigby, here's a snippet:
"Another sharp and tightly plotted script by regular Moonface writer Andy Winter, with stark and sexy black and white art by Blood Psi co-creator Keith Burns." This is a particularly gratifying review as Blood Psi is the next book I'll be submitting to Diamond for their consideration. You can find the full review here:

29th August 2006
This week, Regie Rigby's "Fool Britannia" column over at Silver Bullet Comic books talks about Hero Killers and says some very positive, complimentary things. You can find it here...

23rd August 2006
There's a nice review of the Hero Killers one-shot over at Aint It Cool News. According to reviewer Ambush Bug, the book is "thoroughly entertaining" and "delivers in spades". Here's the link:

14 August 2006
I now have my own page on My Space - I've just started a work blog on there and you can also check out my impeccable taste in music (The Fall's CREEP is my song du jour).
Go to www.myspace.com/andywinter1 and interract with me or something.

11 August 2006

Click here to visit Hero Killers mini site
The herokillers.com micro-site is now up and running, so go take a look. There's some nice new art on there courtesy of Hero Killers artist Declan Shalvey and an easily downloadable PDF preview of the book's first ten pages. Hero Killers is solicited in September's issue of Previews and will be in comic shops in November.

JULY 20th 2006
The Hero Killers one-shot has just become the first book of mine to be picked up by Diamond and will be listed in September's issue of Previews. That means it will be available in UK and US comic shops in November. It's all very exciting but means I now have to get my bum in gear and actually publicise the book so retailers consider ordering some copies. Artist Dec and I are complete unknowns so it's not going to be easy. Thankfully, I've already received some very useful advise from Gary Spencer Millidge (Strangehaven) and Daley Osiyemi (Brodie's Law) and will be putting their ideas - as well as a few of my own - into practise in the next month or so. First up will be a Hero Killers 'micro-site'.

JULY 6th 2006

There's a lovely and lengthy review of the SHRIEK! one-shot here by Regie Rigby...


Here's just a snippet: "SHRIEK! is forty pages of pure (well, impure) delight and I commend it to you. Slide on over to the Moonface Press website and get yourself a copy. You'll regret it if you don't – it's worth it for the line "You gave him a what?!" on page nine."
JUNE 18th 2006

Here's Mick Trimble's art for the first three pages of Septic Isle. The US format book, which will be released under the 'One-Shot Club' imprint next year, tells the story of Jacob Marley - an aged ex-MI5 agent who returns to active service after his civilian life falls apart. This trio of pages give us a glimpse of Marley's James Bond-style existence in the 1980s, something which will contrast heavily with his fractured, tormented life in 2006. It's gritty with a capital Grrr...

Click on image to view

JUNE 15th 2006
The British comics scene has been dealt a double blow recently with the news that London's Comics Showcase store is to close this Saturday (17 June), and that the Ninth Art website (www.ninthart.com) is to publish its last weekly update the following Monday (19 June).

I've been a customer at Comics Showcase for as long as I can remember. My mates and I used to pop in a couple of times a year when we'd descend on the capital from Northampton to catch up on all the stuff we couldn't buy back home. I've shopped there rather more regularly since moving to London in the late '90s, when I found myself working round the corner from its premises in Charing Cross Road (originally, the store was based in Neal Street).

The store boasted friendly, knowledgable staff and an excellent range of comics (mainstream, indie and the downright underground were all well catered for). I'm really going to miss legging it up to Charing Cross Road on my Friday lunchtimes to check out their new releases.

The closure of the Ninth Art website is going to leave a very big hole in British comics journalism as it was always nicely written, opinionated but rarely dogmatic and responsible for introducing me to a whole raft of great comics I'd never have heard about otherwise. Set up over five years ago by Antony Johnston, Alasdair Watson and Andrew Wheeler, the site's regular highlights have included Paul O'Brien's authoritative Article 10 column and Bulent Yusuf's Alphabetti Fumetti, which featured biogs of some of comics' biggest names, not all of them terribly flattering (Yusuf's piece on John Byrne finished with the following paragraph: "It's hard to believe that is the same man who made comics so exhilarating in the late 70s and early 80s. The safest thing to do is to just ignore the existence of anything he created after 1992, in much the same way that all Michael Jackson albums after THRILLER should be disregarded.")

I also loved the site's eclecticism, at its best when articles on The X-Men or Batman rubbed shoulders with appreciations of Marjane Satrapi, Charles Burns or David B. Let's just hope something similarly inspiring comes along soon to take Ninth Art's place.

JUNE 14th 2006
There's a very positive review of Hero Killers here...
The review - by Kelvin Green - describes Hero Killers thus: "If you imagine Grant Morrison's Zenith mixed with the good bits of Mark Millar's Wanted, you won't be too far off." Four out of five stars, too, all of which makes me rather happy.
MAY 23rd 2006
MoonFace Press Stand
This pic of me taken at the Bristol Expo (with Hero Killers artist Declan Shalvey on the left) is just about the only one I've seen from the event that doesn't make me look drunk, mental or both. Instead, I just look kind of knackered and wonky-faced. Please note the super-sexy Moonface Press "banner stands" in the background (designed by Dec), which really made our twin-table set-up stand out from the crowd. Thanks to my good pal Joel Meadows (www.bloodinthegutters.com) for sending me the photo.

MAY 14th 2006

It’s rather difficult to write a “convention report” when all you’ve done is spend two solid days stuck behind a table trying to persuade complete strangers to buy your comics and graphic novels. It means, for instance, that you lose the chance to wax lyrical about the marvellous variety of panels and talks during the weekend or the hilarious industry anecdotes of invited luminaries such as Howard Chaykin and Roy Thomas. In fact, there isn’t much you can talk about except, well, what it’s like to occupy exactly the same ten feet of space for eight hours two days running. I can’t even regale you with tales of drunken debauchery as my alcohol consumption these days is so minute it would prompt the president of the Temperance Society to laugh in my face and call me “Sissy Boy”.

Still, despite my lack of meaningful interaction with anything approaching proper fun, I still managed to have a terrific time, mostly because the launch of HERO KILLERS was such a success. We sold a lot of copies and there seemed to be a genuine buzz about the book, especially after James Redington (www.portentcomics.com), was kind enough to, ahem, “big it up” at the event’s annual small press panel.

Declan Shalvey, the book’s brilliant artist, seemed genuinely overawed at the attention heand the comic were getting, and I think it gave his confidence an enormous boost. Of course, when he’s being paid in gold bullion and whores to draw the X-Men in a couple of year’s time, it’s unlikely he’ll remember my name let alone that we once worked on a comic together.

The Bristol Expo seems to get bigger every year, particularly in terms of the number of people exhibiting their self-published titles. To be honest, it’s increasingly difficult to get noticed as the competition is now so fierce and the quality of titles on display is so high. As a result, I decided to take a step up this year and hire two tables (instead of one) and to pay through the nose for a couple of posh “banner stands”. As a result, I think the Moonface Press stand was one of the most visually impressive on the floor. Hopefully, you’ll see what I mean when I get some photos uploaded to the site in a couple of days.

I’ve been present at five of the last six Bristol events (four as an exhibitor) and it’s always been a great place to discover new artists with which to collaborate. This year proved no different as a couple of people with real potential stopped by the Moonface Press stand to show off their portfolios. I already have projects (more one-shot titles, in case you’re wondering) lined up for them so it’s now just a case of finding out if they like my story ideas and seeing how we fit together as a writer/artist team. On the subject of which, it was as ever a pleasure to spend time with Natalie Sandells (http://members.lycos.co.uk/leech_2/index.html), who was the first artist to ever have the dubious honour of illustrating my work. Among other things, we talked about bringing back Devilchild with Nat returning as artist. More details when I’ve got them.

The big rumour of the weekend was that the Expo’s sister event in Brighton set for October wasn’t going to be happening this year. Although the first Brighton Expo (last November) was a disappointing affair, it’s disappearance after just one year is a real shame and means the UK is back to having only one big(-ish) annual comics convention. Hopefully, some public-spirited masochist will step in to fill the void. I wouldn’t hold my breath though, as organising such an event seems a thoroughly thankless, frustrating and financially suicidal task. And on that cheery note…

APRIL 28th 2006
Keith Burns, the artist on my very own Blood Psi and two volumes of Devilchild, has a six-page story he's illustrated in this month's Judge Dredd Megazine (#244, May 2). It's a Victorian horror piece written by Edward Berridge and inspired by Lewis Carroll's "The Hunting Of The Snark". Keith's beautifully stark black and white art is a joy to behold - and just oozes menace. The story - titled "By The Pricking Of My Thumbs..." - is worth the £2.99 Megazine price on its own, so if you see it, get it.

APRIL 26th 2006
The big news is that we’ve changed websites. Moonface Press’ first home at devil-child.co.uk has been put in mothballs for now making this our brand spanking new permanent home. If you’re thinking that all means it’s the last you’ll ever see of Devilchild then worry not. There are plans to release a fourth and final graphic novel possibly next year to conclude the series and wrap up all those annoying loose ends.
For now, though, Moonface’s focus is going to be on publishing a series of US format singles – all one-shot titles with self-contained stories under an imprint we’re calling THE ONE-SHOT CLUB.

The first three titles are available now in our shop. SHRIEK! is a four-

story anthology with horror and humour pretty high in the mix, BLOOD PSI is a vampire murder mystery set in gothic London and HERO KILLERS is a no-holds-barred super villain melodrama with more death and destruction than you can shake a stick at. Each of these new books has its own page on this site where you’ll be able to check out the covers and some interior art.

Later in the year come two more one-shot titles – gritty football drama SCOREGASM! and even grittier spy thriller SEPTIC ISLE.

Moonface Press’ next comic festival appearance of the year will be at the International Comic Expo in Bristol over the weekend of May 13-14 (check out their website: www.comicexpo.net). We’ll be there selling all three of the one-shot titles mentioned above, plus our range of Devilchild graphic novels. Artists such as Natalie Sandells (Devilchild), Declan Shalvey (Hero Killers) and Duane Leslie (SHRIEK!) will also be on hand to sign and sketch. Hope to see you there…

APRIL 21st 2006
Here's the logo for THE ONE-SHOT CLUB series of standalone titles that we'll be debuting at the Bristol Comic Expo in May. The logo has been designed by artist Natalie Sandells (check out her work on Devilchild, and the forthcoming Starship Troopers from Markosia). The first release under the ONE-SHOT CLUB banner is HERO KILLERS which is now available to order from our shop. You can also check out some preview pages from the book - which is illustrated by Declan Shalvey - simply by clicking the HERO KILLERS icon at the top of the page

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